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BYE BYE: At high noon on 1/20, President Trump deletes all references to hoax of 'climate change' from White House web site... Sodomite 'rights' page also quickly done away with...

DISLOYAL ENEMIES: American traitors Bill Kristol and friends publicly sad to hear the President say 'America First'...

Trump sets record for most prayers in inaugural ceremonies...

To be sworn in both with his own personal Bible and with Lincoln's Bible...

PARTY'S OVER: Degenerate animals set fires, vandalize property, parade around in last-gasp displays of perversion and immorality...

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Trendsmap US Vanicy + Memeorandum Newsmap Exclusives... is flattered by the Drudge Report again! Matt Drudge picks red, white and blue colors after our lead. Thanks, Matt, for another nice tip o' the hat!

ABC: America as divided now as it was during the Civil War...

MOD IS BACK: Kellyanne dons stylish, retro 'Trump Revolutionary Wear'...

Terrorist attack in Melbourne, multiple dead and dozens injured... Moslem man drives car into crowd...

LOCK 'EM UP: Trump haters show true colors as vandals, lawbreakers, enemies of the American Republic...

Ball attendee attacked and violently beaten by pack of intolerant liberal criminals...

The Deploraball live from Washington...

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