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268 days since Hillary Clinton has held a press conference...

Blacks kidnap, rape, shoot teen girl -- and feed the body to alligators...

Francis and Zuckerberg discuss 'how to use communications technology to alleviate poverty' and 'communicate a message of hope' -- but not through Jesus Christ...

NEWSPEAK NET: Obama giving the Internet to the UN...

Sick CNN paints Clinton's loving mentorship with ex-KKK Sen. Robert Byrd as mere 'claim'...

FLASHBACK: Hillary praises Byrd as 'friend and mentor'...

Tama Janowitz comes out with a memoir...

'These were literary books they were purchasing because it spoke to their generation, I suppose as Kerouac spoke to his generation, you know'...

AMERICAN PSYCHO: Texas man decapitates wife, freezes head...

Young child in New Mexico drugged, raped and dismembered while mother watched...

He's out! After Alt-Right goes mainstream, Bret Easton Ellis gets redpilled!

First Apple computer sells for almost a million...

Two sailors rescued after writing 'SOS' in sand on uninhabited island...

Ominous 'tsunami cloud' in Malaysia...

Rural Mississippi community unhinged as two elderly Catholic nuns slain in their home...

Manhunt for killer... UPDATE: Black killer caught...

Chinese architects to remake LA's skyline...

A weak Clinton campaign delivers 'tired, predictable' 'hate group' speech...

'Hillary is a race-baiting bigot'... Exclusives!

Twitter Suspends Conservative Journalist Chuck Johnson During Trump's Acceptance Speech!

Is Cleveland a Setup?

Dallas Police Ambush: Updates

Even After Istanbul Airport Attack, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Refuse to Name the Enemy!

Michelle Fields' New Book Is Out -- And the Reviews Are In!

In Ramadan, American Churches Caught Promoting and Celebrating Islam

Big Brother Scrubs Islam from Orlando 911 Tapes

Twitter Lets Violent Leftists Call For Trump's Assassination

Faces of Death: Omar Mateen, Gay Muslim Killer in the Orlando Massacre

Caught: Amazon Continues to Let Customers Put Their Heel to The Face of the Christ and the Flag of the United States

Alarming Number Of Refugees Bringing Infectious Disease To United States

UCLA Shooting Exposes Deep Anti-White Hatred In Multicultural Society Catches Chicago Tribune In a Media Hoax!

The Indiana Showdown: Cruz's Last Stand...

Cleveland Preps for Convention: Booze, Broads, and Body Armor!

Schlafly: 'Today' Show Reporter Attempted To Trick Donald Trump In Abortion Gaffe...

Cruz Crew Bullies Kick Out Phyllis Schlafly in Hostile Anti-Trump Takeover of Eagle Forum...

Is this the source of the Colorado GOP's #NeverTrump tweet? [Pic]

Anti-Trump Intolerance and Vandalism Explodes On American Campuses...

Migrant connection in Cruz Wisconsin Win [Graph]...

In Youngstown, Trump Presidency Begins To Take Hold...

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Will Hillary accept Cernovich's million-dollar challenge?


Police evacuate parts of airport... WATCH: Video of chaos... Terminal lockdowns... WATCH: 'They got this joint shut down... 'Dressed like Zorro'... WATCH: Video of arrest... Terminal 7... FAA issues ground stop... Police: No shots fired... Developing...

Eerily similar JFK 'active shooter scare' two weeks ago... Hoax? 'Loud noises'...
Were they both tests for another 9/11?

British boy executes for ISIS...

Muslim knifeman shouts 'Allahu Akbar' as he attacks couple at music festival in Germany...

Wife fighting for life...

London holds Halal Food Festival...

Islamic garb welcome in Victorian-themed park in BC, but couple in vintage clothing ejected...

Mussels disappearing from New England waters...

Nevada state trooper's badge stops bullet, saves life...

NFL and San Francisco 49ers defend Colin Kaepernick's disrespect of the National Anthem...

Facebook fires entire trending news team following Breitbart coverage...

US State Department keeping secret documents on Muslim 'refugee' resettlement in many American towns and cities...

New law for NYC cabbies elimates requirement to know English...

Katie Hopkins exposes the Muslim 'bandit country' of French town...

Did 'migrants' bring flesh-biting spider to the UK?

Stevie Nicks at Tampa Stadium, July 4, 1976.

Obama creates world's larged protected marine area off coast of Hawaii...

Microplastic debris found deep in the middle of the ocean...

LA's skid row homeless hooked on new synthetic drug 'spice'...

The bizarre Florida down home to carnies and circus sideshow freaks for decades...

Airline stewardesses of the 1960s and 70s...

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Gene Wilder dies at 83...

South Carolina school district bans American flag from football games...

SoCal Latinos rally for Trump in 'Operation Taco Bowl'...

Trump to go directly to black communities to ask them for their votes and support...

Rock star welcome for Donald Trump in Iowa...

Helicopter drops barrel bombs at funeral wake for children in Syria...

Mohammedans threaten British bikini beach babes...

Berliners protest Islamification of Germany atop the Brandenburg Gate...

Secret DoD exercise with black helicopters in Boston...

As society abandons old technology, communications more vulnerable during hurricanes...

Top French court wimps out on burkini ban...

Courageous mayor refuses to back down...

Majority of French public backs ban...

Today's weak Catholics fear the 'controversial' -- but need to unprepare for persecution...

University of Chicago comes down hard on SJW weaklings: don't expect 'safe spaces' or 'trigger warnings'...

The truth about Hillary's alt-right speech...

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