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Clinton winces when Trump explained the gruesome procedure she advocates...

Nurse exposes Hillary's lie about late-term abortions while mainstream media remains complicit...

WATCH: The day after debate, a victorious Trump speaks in Ohio...

Suspicious package on London train...

Protestant Church of Sweden completely cucked: Will maintain a cemetery for people who have rejected God, where even simple crosses are forbidden...

Swedish government gives housing to Muslim 'migrants' over indigenous Swedish families in need...

HA HA: Vanity Fair says it's impossible for election to be rigged...

But cried in 2004 about Bush stealing the election!

Green Party candidate Jill Stein issues another Hillary Clinton WW3 warning!

Navy officer tells Alaskans: Prepare for war -- and invasion!

Has evidence that if Obama-Clinton factions attack Russia, ground invasion into Alaska likely...

The Internet Fights Back: 4chan, Anonymous working to get Assange Internet access...

Ecuador confirms: Assange Internet cut to defend Democrats...

Wikileaks releases open directory full of new files and data...

Where is Assange? Still alive... Mystery deepens...

New round of Podesta docs released...

John Kerry asked Ecuador to stop Assange from publishing Clinton docs...

Crooked AP completely downplays Clinton email controversy, shockingly reports story as if it's all a Trump 'conspiracy'...

Media scared abouut Trump's 'rigged vote' claim...

COMPLICIT: 96 percent of media's campaign donations go to crooked Clinton...

SURPRISE: Soros controls voting machines in 16 states...

FLASHBACK: Illegal foreign voting in Virginia covered up by Soros-backed Democratic officials...

Gingrich calls for monitoring of election sites...

Gingrich affirms the mainstream media is working to steal the election from Trump...

'This is a coup d'etat'...

DUMBING DOWN THE CATTLE: CNN caught telling viewers that it was illegal to read or examine the Wikileaks emails for themselves!

Mass walkout at Amy Schumer comedy show after her dumb anti-Trump comments...

Man sentenced to 20 years for shooting at George Zimmerman's vehicle... Exclusives!

Eagle Forum Comes Out Against Anti-Christian Clinton Campaign

Altmedia, Not the Mainstream Media, Breaks News of Cascade Mall Shooter

Is She Deaf -- or Dumb? Hidden Earpiece for Hillary's Hearing (or Listening) Revealed

Twitter Suspends Conservative Journalist Chuck Johnson During Trump's Acceptance Speech!

Is Cleveland a Setup?

Dallas Police Ambush: Updates

Even After Istanbul Airport Attack, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama Refuse to Name the Enemy!

Michelle Fields' New Book Is Out -- And the Reviews Are In!

In Ramadan, American Churches Caught Promoting and Celebrating Islam

Big Brother Scrubs Islam from Orlando 911 Tapes

A Jihadi in Homeland Security?

Twitter Lets Violent Leftists Call For Trump's Assassination

Faces of Death: Omar Mateen, Gay Muslim Killer in the Orlando Massacre

Caught: Amazon Continues to Let Customers Put Their Heel to The Face of the Christ and the Flag of the United States

Alarming Number Of Refugees Bringing Infectious Disease To United States

UCLA Shooting Exposes Deep Anti-White Hatred In Multicultural Society Catches Chicago Tribune In a Media Hoax!

The Indiana Showdown: Cruz's Last Stand...

Cleveland Preps for Convention: Booze, Broads, and Body Armor!

Schlafly: 'Today' Show Reporter Attempted To Trick Donald Trump In Abortion Gaffe...

Cruz Crew Bullies Kick Out Phyllis Schlafly in Hostile Anti-Trump Takeover of Eagle Forum...

Is this the source of the Colorado GOP's #NeverTrump tweet? [Pic]

Anti-Trump Intolerance and Vandalism Explodes On American Campuses...

Migrant connection in Cruz Wisconsin Win [Graph]...

In Youngstown, Trump Presidency Begins To Take Hold...

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Trump campaign manager: 'Hearing privately from many reporters that Hillary had a "terrible night" & Trump had best debate. Hope this will make it into print, on air'...

Was she cheating? Video claims she had messages whispered in earpiece...

Corey: 'Sure looks like Hillary Clinton is reading from her notes. Those aren't allowed on the debate stage'...

Public executions on rise in North Korea...

2,000 public school teachers in Seattle wear 'Black Lives Matter' shirts to school...

African Muslim gang-raper in Sweden is awarded thousands of dollars from taxpayers...

One-third of Muslim youth openly admit to supporting violent jihad against the West...

SCOTT ADAMS: If you want things to stay the same, vote for Clinton; if you want big change, vote Trump...

Joins Gab after another Twitter shadowban...

Barack Obama's half-brother Malik Obama to attend Wednesday debate -- in support of Trump!

More anti-Catholic emails from Team Clinton...

APOSTASY WATCH: Heretics in the US Catholic Church actively promoting Muslim immigration as appropriate 'humanitarian' response...

Trump: Term limits for Congress...

No more Sunday church in Britainistan...

Devvy Kidd: Why would a female ever vote for Clinton?

WATCH: Hillary's massive meltdown at Commander-in-Chief forum...

Fears Trump will send them 'all to the gallows'...

EU 'should prepare for returning jihadists'...

An 'apocalyptic' battle predicted in prophecy...

Hulking, all-male 'child' 'refugees' invading Europe...

Appetite-controlling brain cells found...

Chuck Berry to release a new rock album, first since 1979...

WHITE HATE: Anti-Christian Podesta lamented that San Bernardio killer was an Arab Muslim, and not a white man...

Assange Internet access cut by the elites! 'Dead man's switch' triggered... Poisoned by Pam Anderson? Wikifreak!

1950's San Francisco with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

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Scotland moves forward on independence bid...

Fear The Donald...

Watch: Trump to deliver special message on Facebook before debate...

Creepy Kasich wants you to trust the voting process...

Dismisses rigged elections as 'a big, fat joke'...

Here's how the lying pig media have rigged the election...

WATCH: Clinton camp interfering with democracy...

Brit fury as handicapped face 'inhumane' tests for meager funds -- while Muslims come in without even basic age checks!

Polygamy 'commonplace' among British Muslims...

The hell of a month in Islamic Britain...

Attack on masculinity: College males lectured against 'being a man'...

Canadian anti-free speech activist seeks legal injunction to silence the Cleveland Indians, preventing them from using their team name and displaying their logo when they play in Toronto...

Men killed and eaten in Venezuelan prison...

New docs show FBI was pressured to 'hush up' Clinton emails...

Billy Bush leaves NBC after Trump tape scandal...

Muslim animals gang-rape young German woman with her toddler...

Odds of achieving the American dream are better now in Denmark than anywhere in the US...

Recent firebombings, graffiti and vandalism are 'only the beginning of what's coming' for Trump supporters...

New ad: Hillary vs. The Judge...

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